Keiser: Best Senior Living Fitness Equipment

About Keiser

  Keiser is a life-plan based community focused on making a difference in resident's quality of life by using Keiser fitness technology, which includes their innovative pneumatic resistance machines and M-Series indoor cycles. They have been proven to help seniors enhance body function, leading to independence and a higher quality of life. In fact, Keiser is known to have the most senior-specific exercise programs and equipment on the market today. Senior living community residents are demanding more from their fitness center. That is why Keiser offers more than just a full range of fitness equipment. They also implement wellness programming created with best-in-industry Keiser quality! Keiser's wellness programming improves resident wellbeing, helps reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, and provide a bridge to therapy services.  

Why We Selected Keiser


For over 40 years, Keiser has been changing the lives of people of diverse ages and abilities. From strength and stretching machines to elite testing equipment, Keiser offers it all! Beyond their products and services, they also offer marketing and educational tools to assist them to attain greater success. Keiser has over twenty-seven years worth of research, amounting to a database of over 150 peer-reviewed articles and studies. You can feel at ease trusting Keiser as a trusted partner for senior living. Using Keiser equipment is proven to help achieve happier outcomes more safely, efficiently, and quickly. Keiser equipment is safer because they have created equipment that works the muscles without overstressing the connective tissue or joints, which allows residents to push themselves harder with decreased fear of injury. However, Keiser is more than just an equipment manufacturer. They utilize training and programs that help increase resident satisfaction, wellness, and health combined with an innovative product design which allows multiple arrangements to easily fit a community's floor plans. Keeping residents healthier also reduces a community's need for manpower. 


Keiser is an excellent candidate for the best senior living fitness equipment because of it's innovative design and programs. Their machines are built to be used, delivering long-term functionality for both the owners and the residents in senior living communities. They are known as a well-trusted company, as Keiser has been installed in over 1,000 senior housing facilities across North America.  

Why exervise is important for seniors

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Regardless of age, it's never too late to get started! According to a recent Swedish study, the number one contributor to longevity is physical activity. Exercising can add extra years to your life, even if you don't start exercising until your senior years. However, getting active isn't only about adding years to your life. You'll feel more energetic, sharper, and you'll feel a greater sense of well-being. 

Mental health benefits: 

Boosts self-confidence and mood: 

Excercise is a huge stress reliever, and the endorphins it produces can actually help reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness, and more. And being active naturally helps with feeling more self-confident. 

Improves sleep: 

Exercise and regular physical activity can help you sleep more deeply, fall asleep more quickly, and wake up feeling refreshed. Quality sleep is very important for your overall health. 

Makes your mind sharper: 

While activities like crossword puzzles or Sudoku can help keep the brain active, very little comes close to the beneficial effects of exercise on the brain. Exercise can help brain functions as assorted as creativity and multitasking and can also help prevent cognitive decline, dementia, and memory loss.

Maintaining or starting an exercise routine can be difficult at any age. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier when you get older. You may find that health problems such as aches and pains, illness, or concerns about falls and injuries are discouraging. Maybe you've never exercised before, or don't know how or where to begin. These may seem like good reasons to slow down as you age, but they're even better reasons to get moving! Below are some simple exercises you can start with: 

Walking: This is probably the easiest exercise you can do. All you will need is 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week! Or, you can break that up to make it easier by walking 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and another 10 in the evening. 

Sit-to-Stand: Using a sturdy chair, sit in the chair with your feet on the ground. 

-Raise one leg out to the side. 

-Return leg to standing position. 

-Rise up to standing position. 

-Sit back down. 

-Repeat 10 times! 

Heel raises: You will need to hold on to a sturdy countertop or chair for this exercise. 

-Stand up straight. 

-Raise up on your toes slowly. 

-Lower your heels to the ground slowly. 

-Repeat this 10 to 15 times.

Seated forward bend: 

-With legs wide, slowly bend your spine forward and drop your torso toward your thighs. 

-Allow your hands to reach down towards your feet and relax your head. Hold this position for 30-45 seconds and slowly rise back up.

Knee to chest: Sit up straight in a sturdy chair.  

-Grasp the back of your right knee and slowly raise it towards your chest. 

-Maintain a straight and tall seated posture. Hold this for 30 seconds, then repeat this exercise with your other leg. 

-Repeat 5-10 times per day. 

Sit and reach: 

-With your knees together and your back lifted, raise one arm straight up towards the ceiling. 

-Stretch your torso by reaching as high as you possibly can with one hand. 

-You can look up at your hand for added stretching through your neck and shoulders. 

-Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then switch to the other side.

These six simple exercises are a perfect starting point for staying active as you age!