Dreams for Seniors : Most Helpful Non-profit for Seniors

About Dreams for Seniors


 The Dreams for Seniors Charity is a non-profit organization focused on celebrating seniors and making their dreams come true. Nowadays, people don't often take the time to appreciate seniors who have had a positive impact on their lives. But how can Dreams for Seniors help?  

 Through the Dream for Seniors charity, anyone living within a 50-mile radius of the Villages, Florida, and Perkins, Illinois can submit a "senior dream" for consideration. For example, perhaps your grandmother wants to reconnect with a friend she hasn't spoken to in years. Or your elderly neighbor would like a computer so he can stay in touch via email with his friends and family. Dreams for Seniors brings together the resources needed to make these wishes come true. Their goal is simple: Bring joy and smiles to the seniors in our lives who have given smiles to so many. And there are many ways that you can get involved!  



-Volunteer: Dreams for Seniors has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. So whether you're anything from a handyman to administrative support, they have a spot for you!

-Donate: Your donations and monetary support are the backbones of Dreams for Seniors. Without donors, it would be impossible to meet their mission of making seniors dreams come true. The good news is, 100 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to benefit the seniors they serve. 

-Refer: You can make wishes come true when you notify Dreams for Seniors of a senior who could benefit from having their dream fulfilled. All you have to do is let them know the individual's name and the dream request. Or, if you're a senior, you can submit a dream request yourself! 

Why We Selected Dreams for Seniors


We have selected Dreams for Seniors because they prioritize the happiness and dreams of seniors in our communities. Unfortunately, seniors are often underappreciated and overlooked these days. Organizations such as Dreams for Seniors work to make sure that these seniors feel special and have their wishes fulfilled. To this day, Dreams for Seniors' founder, Debbie Davison, and her support team of local volunteers have made dreams come true for many seniors since it was founded in 2005. With continued support, you can brighten the lives of seniors, too! We highly recommend showing your support to this charitable, non-profit organization. Whether it be through volunteer work, donations, or a referral, you can make a difference in a senior's life today.